676 Circle St.
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Mon-Sat: 8AM to 5PM
Sun: 1:30PM to 5PM

509 662-2470

Holiday Hours
Thanksgiving 8-12
Christmas 8-12
New Years Day 8-12


Karen and Amanda are professional dog groomers 
with 36 years cumulative experience in virtually all 
breeds. Typical grooming prices for some common 
breeds are as follows: (Prices subject to change.)

Call for an appointment and pricing:

Karen Hall – 509-433-8290

Amanda Hill – 509-885-6581

Each groom includes a bath, toenail clipping. and expressing of the anal glands. Most grooms require a haircut (re 
Poodles), while others are the bath and brush out (re 
Labradors). Charges may vary depending on matting.